Pandemic Portraits

We started an interview series, “Pandemic Portraits”, in which we asked healthcare workers from all over the world about their COVID-19 experiences. What is it like every day, how are they feeling and how is safety changing? How does the pandemic affect the doctors, paramedics and nurses?

We are curious what the new challenges are for healthcare workers and how they cope with them.

In the front line of Arkansas

Tami works as EMT at the Ouachita County Medical Center (EMS) in Arkansas, Camden, USA. We asked her about work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Swedish Approach

Angelica and Felix are both physicians, living in Sweden and working at the biggest hospital of the country, at the Karolinska Hospital. In the next interview we can see the Swedish Approach to COVID-19 with the eyes of an intensive therapist from the ICU.

In the Jungle of Infections

Moara work as infectious diseases physician professor at the Clinical Hospital of Federal University of Goiás, at the Institute of Tropical Pathology and Public Health. We asked Her about the brazilian attitude in the pandemic and about work in the frontline.