About me

Ágnes Gresz

editor, founder

I studied in Budapest, Hungary at the Semmelweis University. I graduated as paramedic in 2019. I was working as an emergency medical dispatcher at the Hungarian National Ambulance Service and as an emergency care assistant at different medical services during my university years. Actually, I work at the Department of Forensic and Insurance Medicine Institute at Semmelweis University and also I work as a paramedic at the Hungarian St. John Ambulance.
I started dealing with the iusses of health services management and the health law in the emergency medicine care during my university years. As I saw that this topics did not get enough attention, I founded a professional workshop called “Competencies in Emergency Care” in 2018. On the website there are professionals articles and we organize conferences and trainings too. I hope we can draw attention to questions, that are important for all the healtcare workers.