Not just for emergency workers

About the Competencies in Emergency Care” professional workshop

Being a part of the healthcare system does not only mean that we have to be aware of the medical profession, to know all of the protocols, medical procedures and techniques. It also means that we must realize ours rights, obligations, chances and information, which can help us to define ourselves in this monumental system.
We must to know what kind of opportunities we have, where out limits are , what we are able to and what we have to take responsibility for. The purpose of the page is to help to increase the knowledge of healthcare workers and doctors about the structure of the Hungarian health system and to help them to be well-orientated in the world of health law and communication. This knowledge can help to solv awkward situations and to prevent disegreeable effects. As we keep on studying all the time during our career and keep on improving ourselves to be up-to-date, similary we have to be aware of the rules and regulations connected with our work. It is essential to make use of our professional skills int he field of both mental health and communication praxis.
We hope that the informations provided here will be useful to make your work more will be professional.

Ágnes Gresz